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Young workers are cool with you monitoring their social media

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By the year 2022, the workplace will involve a whole new level of screening and management of employees.

This was a key takeaway from a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Said Business School at Oxford University, which polled 10,000 people across China, India, Germany, the UK and the US to get their perspectives on how the workplace will evolve in the future.

Three out of 10 of participants stated they would be happy for their employers to have access to their personal data.

More than one-third of the young workers surveyed said they were happy for their employer to monitor their status updates and tweets in return for greater job security.

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Job security was, in fact, identified to be the most important thing in a job in the future, for 44% of those surveyed.

The report added because younger people tend to be more open to this than older generations, online and social media monitoring could become routine in the years to come.

Commenting on the talent attraction and retention policies in the year 2022, the report stated: “People policies seek to lock in talent, but the top talent is still hard to attract and retain; many senior executives use personal agents to seek out the best deals.”

The research also revealed that only 14% of UK workers would want to work in a traditional office environment in the future.

One in five also stated people say they want to work in a ‘virtual’ place where they can log on from any location or use collaborative work spaces.

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