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Bad bosses’ reactions to resigning colleagues

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Employees don’t quit their job, they quit their boss, yet many managers can’t help but take their frustration out on employees upon receiving a resignation letter.

In a recent online post, a fresh graduate shared how he was tortured by his boss after giving his one month’s notice to leave the company.  As revenge, his boss tasked him with a mission impossible- to scan 200 files into the computer, each file contains up to 40 documents.

He said that his boss even condemned him for being dishonest because he signed a one year contract and decided to quit after 6 months.

This post on HK01  highlighted the worst reactions from bosses after an employee handed in his or her resignation letter.

1. Giving employee the cold shoulder
The boss might think the employee is disappointed because they are no longer on talking terms.  But the reality is the employee is more than happy to not have to deal with their boss anymore.  He or she is counting down the days before leaving for a new job or enjoying a holiday.

2. Saying nasty things to the employee 
“I can’ believe you are able to find another job!” is what bad boss said when an employee informed him that they would be moving on.   Most employees would not respond to such a cheap shot but some do talk back and in one instance replied “Yeah!  I don’t really consider myself to be very talented, I spent all these years working here.”

3. Badmouthing the employee 
Badmouthing an employee in front of other employees in the industry is the worst a boss could do and there is little employees can do to dodge it.   On a positive note, bad bosses who do such a nasty thing, tend to have a bad reputation. So its likely that no one would take their words seriously an way.

Honestly speaking these cases are rare and extreme, the employer and employee have to be on really bad-terms in order for the boss to do something like that.

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