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Your employees’ most infuriating office problems

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The trials and tribulations of office life are many – and we’re not even talking about the business side of things.

From being copied in on emails which aren’t relevant, to people stealing your lunch out of the fridge and nosy colleagues reading your emails over your shoulder, it seems that day-to-day existence in the workplace is filled with gripes and annoyances for your employees.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by The Brooke highlighted the most common office complaints faced by the working population today.

According to the survey, which polled 2,000 UK office workers, the biggest annoyance in the office are colleagues who blame other people for their mistakes.

This was followed by colleagues who come in late and leave early, never admit they are wrong and “make a drama out of everything”.

The biggest office complaints employees had included being copied into emails that aren’t relevant to them, the phone ringing just as they’re about to leave the office, unreliable computers which keep crashing and air-conditioning making the office too cold.

Do your staff have any of the same complaints as these?

20 traits of the most annoying colleagues:

1. Blames everyone for mistakes
2. Come in late and go early
3. Never admit being wrong
4. Makes a drama out of everything
5. Sucks up to the boss
6. Take credit for others’ work
7. Make personal calls
8. Criticises everyone behind their back
9. Never make a tea round
10. Hand over complicated work
11. Never listens when you talk to them
12. Takes time off sick with minor ailments
13. Whistle all day
14. Sing all day
15. Has poor personal hygiene
16. Have earphones plugged in all day
17. Never chip in for birthday presents
18. Get drunk at office parties
19. Books up all the school holidays first
20. Always calls you when you are on holiday

Top 20 worker’s complaints

1. Being copied in to emails that aren’t relevant to me
2. The phone ringing at one minute to 5pm
3. Computer crashing
4. Air con making the office too cold
5. The printer breaking down
6. Colleagues that smell of BO
7. Loud telephone voices
8. People chatting too much
9. People not cleaning the microwave after use
10. People sniffing
11. People reading emails over your shoulder
12. Running out of toilet roll and not replacing it
13. Colleagues not saying thanks when you hold the door open for them
14. People with bad breath
15. Anyone that says ‘blue sky thinking’
16. Inconsiderate parking
17. Co-workers’ smelly lunches
18. Uncomfortable chair
19. Those that book school holidays off really far in advance
20. Your boss catching you on Facebook for one minute when you have been manic all day

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