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Say hello to #GenMobile

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The newly dubbed #GenMobile is infiltrating the workplace and, as their name suggests, these group of employees believe mobility is their key to success.

According to a regional report by Aruba Network, which surveyed 5,500 people, found 59% of #GenMobile choose to work non-traditional hours, own three or more devices, and 34% are constantly connected online.

“We’ve seen flexible working modes and BYOD gaining popularity across demographics for some time, but this report shows that they’ve now become a way of life for those in the modern workforce,” Albert Tay, general manager of Aruba Network ASEAN, said.

The report highlighted 68% of #GenMobile preferred Wi-Fi at the expense of other connections, with 54% admitting they spend at least four hours or more connected to their devices.

#GenMobile were also found to be a highly connected generation, with 34% saying they were “always online”, while 68% would check their smartphones more than once an hour.

They also revealed cash may not always be king – 69% would choose more flexibility over receiving a 5% cash bonus in a rigid workplace. These figure was higher in Singapore at 75%.

“To take full advantage of the potential and productivity of this new generation of workforce who may opt for enhanced mobility with connected devices than having a rigid workplace or even a higher salary, businesses need to start looking for solutions to ensure levels of empowerment and productivity for employees that grew up in this new era,” Tay said.

He added technology is constantly changing the way people work, communicate and manage their lives, which suggest #GenMobile’s motivations are beyond mobility alone.

“To facilitate this shift, businesses aiming to get ahead of the crowd need to think ahead about how to motivate, and more importantly, how to ensure security without compromising on their employees’ experience at the workplace.”

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