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Would you reject candidates for these reasons?

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As a hiring manager, part of the job includes rejecting unsuitable candidates. In fact, a study by TimesJobs revealed that nearly 70% of candidates have been rejected in their job interviews at some point in their career.

Surveying 700 working professionals, the study found that more than half have faced at least five rejections at job interviews in their careers so far.

The study further revealed that while both verbal and non-verbal elements contribute to a rejection of a candidate, of those rejected, two in three were rejected because of non-verbal reasons including:

  • Seeming disinterested during the interview (40%)
  • Being late (32%)
  • Making no eye contact with the recruiter during the interview (30%)
  • Not being dressed properly (25%)
  • Having a weak handshake and bad sitting posture (10%)

For those rejected due to verbal factors, highlighted factors included:

  • Fumbling in the interview (40%)
  • Talking too much during their interview (30%)
  • A lack of knowledge about the company caused their failure (25%)
  • Badmouthing about the previous employer (15%)

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Additionally, the study revealed that 40% of professionals have attended at least 10-20 interviews while 30% said they have appeared in around 5-10 interviews during the span of their career.

Furthermore, “50% of candidates with 0-2 years of experience have given 5-10 interviews and 45% with 5-10 years of experience have given 10-20 interviews,” the study stated.

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