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Who would you prefer to be your boss – Clinton or Trump?

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From television reality shows to his various public appearances, Donald Trump has given people the impression he is a tough man to deal with and to work with. And it shows. A recent survey by CareerBuilder asked Americans: “If you had to choose, which candidate would you like to be your boss?”

According to the survey of 3,133 employees, 57% of workers say they would prefer to work for the former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

It is not surprising that Trump is not able to win over female voters and he also has a hard time getting the support of female employees. Clinton was firmly preferred by women in the survey with 62% saying they would prefer her as a boss. Men were tighter in their decision between candidates, with an even split between Clinton and Trump.

Because of Trump’s policies on protecting jobs in the manufacturing industry, he is the preferred boss (55% versus 45%) among employees in the sector. But Clinton was more popular in other sectors, including healthcare (63% support Clinton), retail (58% support Clinton), leisure and hospitality (52% support Clinton), IT (58% support Clinton), financial services (60% support Clinton), transportation (52% support Clinton).

Trump is also not getting the support of staff from various races, except Caucasians; 87% of African/American, 79% Hispanic and 78% of Asian professionals want Clinton to be their boss while 52% of workers that identify as Caucasian prefer Trump.

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