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The geometrical art of people decisions

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Some may argue navigating through the HR function is more an art form than science, but leaders are increasingly relying on data to make people decisions.

“Data analytics and data driven decisions are increasingly becoming key enablers to taking core HR decisions,” Vineet Gambhir, vice president and head of talent APAC at Yahoo, says.

“The benefits of making a sound logical decision far out weigh the time investment.”

However, he adds HR leaders need to ensure that data leads to information, and that the information will result in decisions being made.

”A thumb rule of geometry is you need at least two points to draw a line – lines drawn on one point just become tangents; connecting the dots between synergistic data points leads to the decision line which serves as a solid pillar for making informed decisions.”

Gambhir, a seasoned HR executive with more than 20 years of international experience in human resources, HRIS and global operations, will be presenting a keynote at The Futurist on transforming people decisions with data and analytics.

Prior to his appointment at Yahoo, Gambhir was the APAC head of global staffing at Cisco, and has also served as the head of HR at HCL America and spent more than 10 years in multiple HR functions within Intel.

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