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Carolyn Moore regional HR director at JWT

Carolyn Moore joins JWT as regional HR director

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Carolyn Moore joined JWT at the beginning of this year, citing the company’s reputation as the world’s oldest advertising company as one of the primary reasons for the move.

Moore says she takes a very evidence-based approach to HR, and one of the first things she did upon joining JWT was implement a new reporting structure for clearer analytics on some of the key HR metrics.

“Additionally, I am very collaborative, so I have taken a lot of time to talk to our HR and talent team members across the APAC region and globally, as well as employees and managers across the organisation, as I feel it is important to thoroughly understand the state of play before diving headfirst into changing or implementing new things.”

She shares one of the many programmes JWT has been working on is the Commodore Challenge, which is an internal employee contest to search for and reward the next big pioneering idea. “So, in true JWT style, we’re having a lot of fun whilst we get on with serious business as well.”

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