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Infographic: The 12 traits of a terrible boss

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Managers, take note. Do you feel like you’re always right? Do you ever find yourself being controlling, or do you often walk around the office angry? If you say yes to those questions, then you might be a horrible boss.

No one likes to admit it, but we’re not always at our best at work. Maybe you’re stressed out about a big project, maybe your newborn baby kept you up all night, or maybe you are just having a bad day. As a result, it might be difficult to be the great manager your employees need and deserve.

But what if you’re never at your best? Are you in fact a terrible manager? HR solutions provider Officevibe put together an infographic listing the 12 characteristics horrible bosses tend to have in common:

12 Annoying Characteristics of a Horrible Boss


Banning the above qualities from your management style could be a step towards creating a better relationship between you and your employees. Recent research by EY shows that globally, less than half (46%) of employees place “a great deal of trust” in their boss, with a lack of strong leadership being among the top 5 reasons why.

If you’re unsure how you are performing as a boss, a great way to find out is to simply ask your team. “Leaders tend to think employees won’t open up—but we’ve seen the opposite”, researcher Joseph Grenny recently commented in regard to a study on company culture. “When an executive sits down and truly listens, employees will be surprisingly honest.”

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