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[Infographic] 12 coldest jobs in the world and what they earn

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As we sit here bickering about how the office aircon temperature, maybe we should just be thankful we have a say in it, unlike people working in these 12 coldest jobs in the world.

Crystal Ski Holidays shed light on the professionals who have to tolerate sub-zero temperatures beyond their control.

Working at a frigid -39°C, in first place, we have chief technologists in Verkhoyansk and Yakutsk, earning US$57,108 per year – 5.06% below the national average.

Followed by mining officers in Fort Selkirk, Yukon who work in a slightly warmer environment of -27°C and take home US$50,000 a year – 26.17% below the national average.

Engine installation engineers in Harbin, Hellongjiang come in third with a workplace temperature of -26°C and annual salary of US$17,403 – 79.75% below the national average.

In fourth place, we have hazmat specialists in Barrow, Alaska who work in a -26°C environment and take home US$68,904. Being the highest paid job on the list, these professionals earn 49.65% above the national average.

Rounding up the top five coldest jobs is mill helper in Snag, Yukon. These workers earn US$21,490 a year (10.44% below national average) and work at a chilly -24.5°C.

Image and infographic / Crystal Ski Holidays

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