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Winning Secrets: 3 pillars that affirm the employee value proposition at Generali Thailand

Winning Secrets: 3 pillars that affirm the employee value proposition at Generali Thailand

These centre on a journey of opportunity for growth, people empowerment, and work-life enhancement, according to Saifon Khongjitngam, Chief Human Resources Officer, Generali Thailand.

Established in 2002, by the cooperation of Assicurazioni Generali Group of companies and Tantipipatpong family, Generali Thailand provides a creative and comprehensive range of products, including life and non- life insurances to its clients.

The HR team at Generali Thailand recently took home three awards at the inaugural Employee Experience Awards in Thailand, held on 15 March 2024:

  • Gold for Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • Gold for Best Remote Work Strategy
  • Silver for Best ESG Programme

In this interview, HRO speaks to Saifon Khongjitngam, Chief Human Resource Officer, Generali Thailand, to find out how the firm's employee value proposition of growth, people empowerment, and work-life enhancement served to drive these wins.

Q How would you describe the pillars of your employee experience strategy, and what are the principles you have taken into account to develop this?

At Generali Thailand, we created our employee value proposition to offer the journey of opportunity for growth, people empowerment, and work-life enhancement with “GEN” proposition:

Growth opportunities: We invest in people development and provide equal opportunities for career advancement.

Empowering people: We empower our people to take ownership of their works for company success and their own personal development.

Navigating to smart work-life: Support digital work and collaboration with simplified process for smart life.

Q In a world propelled by rapid change, what measures do you have in place to maintain a people-centric, human approach to your EX as it evolves?

We foster 'open communication with respect' where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Our leaders are trained to listen actively, provide constructive feedback, and encourage dialogue to promote collaboration and innovation.

We regularly seek feedback for continuous improvement by conducting focus group with the employee resource group and volunteers from each department. Moreover, we have pulse survey check on annual basis and fully engagement survey in every three years.

Q What initiatives do you undertake such that the delivery of employee experience is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders in the organisation?

Everyone in the organisation has critical role to play in building great place to work and providing positive experience to colleagues.

We are transparent in sharing insight and improvement points to all staff. We establish people engagement framework that everyone can follow the same principles.

1. Empathise with the DEI-in-HR process to create equitable and inclusive environments where all individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best at work and ensure policies and practices are unbiased, ethical and comply with labor laws and regulations.

2. Engage with opportunities and supports by offering training, workshops, and resources on creating positive environment such as unconscious bias, active listening, social intelligence and leadership program for all level.

3. Encourage the open communication. We foster a culture of open dialogue where employees feel encouraged to express their thoughts, concerns, and ideas without fear of reprisal in both formal & informal sessions.

4. Endorse with recognition and reward, recognise and celebrate employees who demonstrate authenticity and contribute positively to the DEI organisational culture.

Q Do you have words of wisdom to share with others in the industry on the best ways to keep your employee experience consistent and beautiful?

Organisational culture is unique and difficult to replicate. People are at core of culture. The skills, personalities, mindsets and behaviors of employees create and reinforce the cultural norms.

'People empowerment' is the best term to define the way of working for workplace culture enhancement in disruptive world. Leaders need to empower their teams to take ownership of their works and encourages them to take calculated risks.

Especially for HR team, they need to be empowered to voice their perspectives, make tough decisions for the company and employee benefit, and be a strong advocate for HR concerns to build a lasting equitable workplace and fostering sustainable growth within organisation and wider community.

Q Finally, what is the positive impact of employee experience that you’ve seen on the business as well as the workforce?

Not only improved employee engagement and retention, but also enhanced employer branding and talent attraction. Positive feedback from our employees posting on their social platform endorse that Generali Thailand has created a great community for them. This makes Generali Thailand become more well-known from inside-out.

In addition, happy employees are more likely to provide better customer experience. Their enthusiasm, commitment and job satisfaction can translate into higher customer satisfaction and Generali Thailand is number one in RNPS in Thailand for three years a in row.

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