Total Rewards Asia Summit 2024 Singapore
Winning Secrets: How SCG's 'sustainable people ecosystem' humanises the employee experience

Winning Secrets: How SCG's 'sustainable people ecosystem' humanises the employee experience

"We are not just building a workforce; we are shaping leaders—smart, compassionate individuals who are catalysts for positive change", Meatha Prapawagol, SGC Corporate Human Resources Director shares.

SCG, a leading ASEAN conglomerate with 111 years of stable growth, is committed to responsible business practices. 

Through its "ESG 4 Plus" approach, aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, SCG focuses on Net Zero, green initiatives, equity, collaboration, and trust.

With a pledge to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050, SCG's diverse business units are driving low-carbon innovations and strategic transitions towards a sustainable future in ASEAN and beyond.

At the Employee Experience Awards 2024, Thailand, SCG took home the following awards: 

  • Silver in Best Learning and Development Programme
  • Bronze in Best Campus Recruitment Strategy
  • Bronze in Best Remote Learning Initiative 

HRO sits down with Meatha Prapawagol, SCG Corporate Human Resources Director, as he shares how SCG's 'sustainable people ecosystem' humanises employee experience.

Q. How would you describe the pillars of your employee experience strategy, and what are the principles you have taken into account to develop this? 

SCG's employee experience strategy is rooted in core business philosophy, which prioritises people. The present prosperity, success, and stability stem from adhering to ethical core values upheld by the Board of Directors, management, and staff at all levels. 

Employee experience involves every aspect of an employee's journey, from candidate experience to exit experience. We strive to deliver values and experiences guided by four core principles: 

  1. Adherence to fairness: Ensuring fairness in all policies and processes, such as Fairness to candidates (Recruitment & selection) and fairness to employees (Performance management & total rewards). 
  2. Dedication to excellence: Demonstrating “Passion for better” in every aspect. 
  3. Belief in the value of the individual: Investing in development and wellbeing programmes to support individual growth and fulfilment. 
  4. Concern for social responsibility: Upholding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, with a focus on both people and the planet as part of our ecosystem. 

Q. In a world propelled by rapid change, what measures do you have in place to maintain a people-centric, human approach to your EX as it evolves? 

We maintain a people-centric to thrive in an ever-changing world by creating a sustainable people ecosystem. Smart and good people are invaluable assets.  

'Smart people' encompass four key types: 

  1. Proficient in their job (With strategic foresight and high growth potential).  
  2. Strong Interpersonal Skills (Fostering teamwork and collaboration). 
  3. Skilful in critical thinking (Emphasising “Start with why and enterprise solution-focused”). 
  4. Committed to continuous learning (Demonstrating a passion for improvement). 

'Good people' are cultivated from SCG’s culture, aimed at nurturing employees into good leaders. 

Identifying and nurturing talent is essential. We see talented individuals as valuable seeds. If not readily available, we invest in nurturing and cultivating them, recognising their potential to blossom into strong leaders. This is achieved through internal development (Build), external acquisition (Buy), or forming partnerships to access talent (Borrow).

Ultimately, SCG is the Organisation of Possibilities for fostering both business growth and people growth. 

Q. What initiatives do you undertake such that the delivery of employee experience is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders in the organisation? 

We keep continuing the Transformative change through SCG’s people”. 

SCG, a leading conglomerate in ASEAN and entering its 111th year of stable growth, recognises the importance of responsible business practices. The advantages of being a long-standing organisation include: 

  • Have an agile organisation / flexible structure 
  • Could seize new opportunities (New business / new strategy)

We have two ways to embrace change: 

  1. Proactive in adapting to change 
  2. Foresight and enable the company before crises strike 

The top leader is the key to leading change with: 

  • Clarity of direction. (Articulating the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of organisational goals) 
  • Be a Role Model (Aligning communication and actions across all levels)  

An essential aspect of fostering change is the people's feedback and participation. We assess what actions to take, what to avoid, and what alternative paths to pursue. 

Q. Do you have words of wisdom to share with others in the industry on the best ways to keep your employee experience consistent and beautiful? 

  • Begin with the Passion for better.  
  • Do not limit your possibilities (You can achieve anything with the time and capabilities you have. Growth mindset and consistency are the keys.)  
  • And when you have fulfilled your spirit, give generously to uplift others and shape a brighter tomorrow for anInclusive society”.