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The 10 traits of staff who love to OT

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Leading the world rankings with 50 working hours a week, Hongkongers are no stranger to working overtime. It’s perfectly fine for individuals to stay behind if they have some catch-up to do, but it is best to not unnecessarily involve others.

The worst kind of workaholics are those who force others to work overtime with them. One netizen recently shared her bitter experience with OT on Hong Kong Discussion Group. She said she is not able to start a family and is in poor health because a colleague keeps dragging her into working overtime.

Sick and tired of colleagues who work overtime? Here are 10 traits as listed by Heawork tumblr of staff who love to OT. Do your workaholic colleagues share these characteristics?

1. Not in a relationship

2. Lives close to the office

3. Loves to get others to stay late with him or her

4. Spends the afternoon doing nothing and then starts working when the work day is about to end

5. Loves to claim overtime meal expenses

6. Always brags about the huge workload he or she has

7. Well-paid

8. Loves to send mass emails to the company in the middle of the night to demonstrate he or she is such a hard worker

9. An unproductive worker

10. A loner

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