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The 10 places Singapore grads want to work

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University students entering the workforce are expecting to join companies which allow them to “be dedicated to a cause or feel that they are serving a greater good through my career”.

This was revealed in a survey conducted by Universum on 6,012 local students, which aimed to find out their career motivations and goals.

Similar to last year, the respondents’ top career goals were to have work-life balance and a secure and stable job. The report also found more respondents place importance on people and culture issues, and are more attracted to friendly, creative and dynamic work environments.

Rachele Focardi, senior vice president of employer branding and talent strategy at Universum APAC, said private home-grown companies were found to be more closely aligned to having a friendly work environment.

“On the other hand, the foreign employers have the edge over the domestic employers (excluding the government) for the provision of professional training and development as well as having a creative and dynamic work environment,” she said.

In Singapore, the top five most ideal companies as voted by the students were Google, Singapore Airlines, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and J.P. Morgan.

Despite there being several financial firms in both the top five and top 10, the banking industry is beginning to lose its appeal. Forcardi said this could be attributed to the negative financial market overseas, though auditing and accounting firms are gaining popularity.

Local bank DBS also fared well on the list, climbing up 35 positions to be ranked the 25th most desirable employer among engineering students.

The survey also found business graduates are expecting a starting salary of S$3,320, down 8% from last year, while those graduating from engineering are expecting a little bit more at S$3,354.

Top 10 employers as voted by local business graduates

1. Google
2. Singapore Airlines
3. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
4. Ernst & Young
5. J.P. Morgan
6. Goldman Sachs
7. Barclays
9. The Walt Disney Company
10. Procter & Gamble

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