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Flexible working Regus report

Working outside the office? Watch out for these time wasters

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With the number of flexible workers increasing by 70% over the past five years, working outside of the office can pose its own set of challenges, creating barriers to productivity.

A new report by Regus, surveying 22,000 workers across more than 100 countries, found that productivity of flexible working can be hampered by the “noisy and disruptive settings” away from the workplace.

Traffic jams to get into office or to and from meetings were found to be among the top productivity killers of flexi-work (48%). Lengthy meetings (49%) and IT glitches in alternative work areas such as cafes (49%) were also pointed out as big sources of distractions.

Out of all available options, a majority (54%) of Singaporean professionals voted business centres to be the best place for productivity when working outside the office.

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Working from home was also by far the most productive (56%), but only for those able to invest in a professional home office. That number dropped to 34% for those without a home office.

Cafes scored relatively low at 14% with their unreliable internet connection, lack of privacy and noisy background. Professional group or association lounges were one of the worst places to get work done with only 11% of respondents preferring them, suggesting such places are better for networking than working.

“Having the option to work from different locations can be enormously beneficial for many workers but the challenge is in finding the right environment outside of the office to allow people to remain just as, if not more so, productive,” said Paul MacAndrew, spokesperson of Regus Singapore.

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