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What’s the most coveted industry in Singapore?

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ingapore employees are in love with the hospitality and recreational services industry, and not only because the sector saw a rise in salary levels last year.

According to the Randstad Award Survey, more than half of Singapore’s employees (52%) across every age group, gender and education level desire a career in the hospitality and recreational services sector.

This is the third time the sector has been ranked the hottest industry in the history of the survey.

The engineering and construction and transport and logistics sectors tied for second place, with 46% of the 6,546 employees surveyed citing them as their preferred choice of industries.

The report highlighted an amiable working environment in the hospitality and recreational services sector as one of the reasons for its popularity, along with opportunities for quality training and a dynamic job content.

“Hospitality is an industry which appeals not only to those with a love of travel and aptitude for customer service, but those who are looking for greater flexibility and work-life balance,” Michael Smith, Randstad country director for Singapore, said.

“The flexible nature of hospitality work provides employees in this sector the opportunity to adapt their work hours to focus on family, study or personal pursuits, which are becoming increasingly important to Singaporeans.”

However, the professional services sector is the preferred choice for employees when it came to receiving competitive salaries and employee benefits and for career progression.

The transport and logistics sector was rated the highest for providing long-term job security, a good work-life balance and strong management.

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