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Video: Mainland boss throws cash at employees

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Employees at China CITIC Bank may be very pleased with their HK$2000 new year red packet, which is by far the most generous offer from a Hong Kong employer. But when it comes to celebrating Lunar New Year, local bosses are no match for their mainland counterparts.

A factory boss in Foshan, Guangdong threw heaps of 100 yuan bills at a workers gathering in the office atrium below him. While some may find it offensive, the company’s workers certainly didn’t. A video showed workers screaming and jumping with excitement in the “cash rain”.

The footage shared on pearvideo was taken on February 5, the first working day of the new year for most workers in the mainland. What a special way for the boss to welcome workers back from the Lunar New Year holiday.

Another boss in Zhejiang was just as generous, but his employees did not have to break a sweat to get their rewards. During the company’s new year banquet which took place on February 4, the boss served stacks of 100 yuan bills as the first dish of the banquet, the Oriental Daily reports.

It was reported the boss put out a total of 3 million yuan to reward staff at the banquet and every staff member received at least 10,000 yuan.

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