Effective February 2018, Victor Tng has joined The Hour Glass as regional learning and development manager, heading the L&D function. This saw him leaving Dairy Farm Singapore where he served as the head of learning and development.

Speaking to Human Resources, Victor revealed his focus in his new role to establish alignment on the learning and development activities for the Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong markets that The Hour Glass operates in.

He elaborated: "The company is currently going through transformation to elevate The Hour Glass service experience. The main priority for me  this year is to propel this transformation strategy forward through the implementation of a finely-crafted L&D strategy and the support of deliberate frontline workshops and activities. Ultimately, we want to set above-and-beyond service standards for the company in the luxury watch business sector."

Based in Singapore, Victor reports to and works very closely with Amanda Chuan, group HR manager, at The Hour Glass.

When asked about the top talent concern in APAC and Singapore at the moment, Victor pinpoints the need for companies to focus on developing a continuous learning mindset and agility in people.

He said: "The pace of change today is moving exponentially. Every day, we receive new updates for our mobile apps to upgrade their user interfaces. In the same way, every individual needs to adopt an open mindset to learn, unlearn and relearn new knowledge to avoid skills redundancy. The talents of today can become redundant if they are not agile enough to see and acquire the future skills that will help them cope with the demands of the market tomorrow."

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