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Singaporeans prefer a better boss over higher pay

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Never underestimate your power as a good leader in retaining and engaging your staff, at least in Singapore.

In fact, relationships with bosses are so important for employees in the country that six in ten would forego a higher salary in order to work with a better boss.

That was one of the key findings of a recent survey by JobStreet, which polled 989 Singaporeans in total.

While 64% of respondents said that a better boss would make them happier at work, more than one-third (36%) said they would derive the same happiness from a pay rise.

7 in 10 also revealed that they are prepared to leave their jobs if they cannot get along with their bosses, with respondents expressing a preference to work with male bosses if given a choice.

“Less emotional”, “less micromanaging” and “less calculative” were amongst the main reasons given for the preference towards male bosses.

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“The relationship between employer and employee is vital for the success of any organisation and we have often heard that people quit bosses, not companies,” the survey stated.

A little more than half (51%) of respondents described their relationship with their bosses as cordial, revealing that bosses are generally well-liked.

However, more could be done to recognise employees’ efforts, as 4 in 10 stated they do not feel appreciated by their bosses. Another 34% even felt competent enough to do a better job as compared to their supervisors.

The top three resentments that respondents had towards their bosses included being taken for granted, unfair treatment due to favouritism and poor communication.

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