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Singaporean workers are burning out

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Local workers are exhausted and fatigued because of problems at work, but a huge number still refuse to take a sick day to cope.

According to a new survey by, 60% of local workers said they experience mental fatigue because of stress, depression and other factors.

More than half (55%) also identified stress as the biggest contributor to their mental fatigue, followed by a lack of exercise (38%), and poor diet and chronic illness (7%).

However, despite the high level of mental exhaustion, 70% of respondents said they will not take a sick day if they are feeling unwell but are physically fit for work.

In fact, most employees only take between one and 10 days of sick leave a year – lower than the allocated 14 days – despite 80% of companies offering no reward for a lower number of sick days taken.

Companies that do offer a reward for low rate of sick days often do so in the form of cash – usually between $150 and $300, days off or gift vouchers.

A separate survey by earlier this year also found 60% of companies provide wellness programmes for staff, including free or subsidised health screenings, on-site fitness programmes and subsidised gym memberships.

Unfortunately, the survey also revealed only a third of employees utilise the offered programmes, citing lack of time and, ironically, an overwhelming workload as reasons for not being able to do so.

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