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MOM issues employer guidelines on flexible working

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The Tripartite Committee (TriCom) on Work-Life Strategy, appointed by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, has issued guidelines for employers on implementing flexible work arrangements (FWAs) at their organisations.

The advisory seeks to “promote flexible work arrangements as a progressive employment practice in Singapore.”

This includes helping employers in the implementation of FWAs as well as enabling them to meet employees’ work-life balance needs.

It also provides information for employees on how to open the conversation on FWAs with their manager, and for supervisors on managing FWA requests.

“We see this as a positive step forward in creating a sustainable workforce where employees’ work-life needs can be taken care of if they have access to alternative work arrangements,” said NTUC Assistant secretary-general Cham Hui Fong in a press release.

Koh Juan Kiat, executive director of Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), said this step-by-step approach would help organisations give flexible working a “further push”. 

“FWAs are progressive employment practices that can help employers to be more flexible in manpower deployment, as well as to retain some workers. Due to the tight labour market, employers could implement FWAs to attract those who wish to work part-time or from home.

The advisory is available for download here.

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In conjunction with this, the TriCom has also initiated a Work-Life Week from November 10-14. This comprises activities centred on flexibility and “brings together the collective efforts of partners and stakeholders in the ecosystem to champion work-life harmony.”

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