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If your boss has an issue with social media in the workplace, you might want to tell them to read this article.

More than 80% of Malaysian employers strongly believe social media tools can be used to drive business prospects, a survey by Jobstreet has found. Likewise, more than 90% of local employees agree on its positive effects.

The survey, which covered nearly 900 employers and employees in Malaysia – 58% of which were senior executives – also found many companies are quite relaxed with their social media usage policy.

As long as employees are taught to exercise self-discipline towards completing their work, 65% of respondents said productivity would not be affected by social media.

“Companies not taking advantage of this useful business tool may want to reconsider their policy on social media at the workplace, as 88% of employees responded they were more likely to join a company which was active in its social media platform,” the survey stated.

The survey asked respondents to rank the usage of social media for business purposes, and found the majority (54%) believe it can be best utilised for organisational communication.

This was followed by enhancing employer branding (42%), improving recruitment efforts at a lower cost (38%), improving employee engagement and relations (33%) and improving employee development initiatives (17%).

While 52% of employers use social media to connect with employees, hiring based on a jobseeker’s social media profile is still not common practice in Malaysia.

Just 17% of bosses said they screen a potential jobseeker’s social media page before hiring.

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