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How to get employees to work harder

More than half of your staff would probably stay longer in their jobs if their bosses showed more appreciation.

Indeed, the carrot holds more weight than the stick when it comes to productivity, according to Glassdoor’s Employee Appreciation Study, which aimed to discover what really motivates people at work.

While 68% of employees said their boss shows them the right amount of appreciation, 53% report they’d stay at the company longer if they were shown more love.

In fact, a huge 81% said they are motivated to work harder when the boss shows appreciation.

This is in contrast to “stress” and “pressure” at motivators, with 37% saying a demanding boss pushed them to work harder.

But 41% of male employees and 37% of female staff admit this motivation comes from the fear of losing their job.

Here are a few other highlights from the report:

  • 75% of employees say a pay rise is a motivating and valuable form of appreciation
  • 46% want “unexpected treats and rewards” as appreciation, such as dinners, snacks and thank you notes
  • 40% want to be involved in decision making
  • 24% think appreciation should be in the form of a company sponsored social event

See the full survey here.

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