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Stressed employee at home with teddy bear to show employees are more stressed at home than work

Your staff might be more stressed at home than at work

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Singaporean employees may be getting increasingly stressed at work, but according to their counterparts in America, staying at home is no respite either.

According to a study from researchers at Penn State University, significantly and consistently lower levels of cortisol – a hormone released in response to stress – was found in a majority of subjects when they were at work compared with when they were at home.

And this was found to be true even for those with a happy domestic life.

The report surveyed 122 full-time American employees over the age of 18 and who worked outside the home five days a week.

The majority of these respondents had on average lower levels of cortisol at work than at home.

It made no difference what their occupation was, whether they were single or married or even if they liked their job or not.

Interestingly, the only participants who didn’t have lower levels of cortisol at work, i.e., their stress levels remained the same as at home, were those who earned more than US$75,000 (S$93,959) a year.

The study also found that while both parents and childless adults were less stressed at work, people without children actually showed higher levels of stress at home.

Additionally, while both men and women showed less stress at work, women were more likely to report feeling happier in their offices. Men, however, were more likely to feel happier at home.

Do you think you are more stressed at home or at work?

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