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Your employees are falling asleep on the job

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Employers need to start analysing exhaustion levels of their workers if they wish to improve staff retention levels and boost employee productivity.

This is according to a study conducted by Virgin Pulse Institute, in which 76% of the American workforce stated they feel tired every single day of the week.

Out of the 1,140 employees polled, 40% stated they doze off during the day once per month, while 30% of employees revealed they were unhappy or very unhappy with the quality or quantity of their sleep.

One in six workers also admitted to falling asleep at their desk at least once per week.

“Employees who don’t sleep well have poorer concentration, poorer decision making abilities, are significantly less able to cope with stressful situations, and are more likely to make unhealthy choices,” Dr Jennifer Turgiss, co-author of the study and director of the Virgin Pulse Institute, said.

According to the survey, participants experienced difficulty concentrating at work or remembering tasks, and felt more irritable at work and home. Sleeplessness also made it harder to manage stress, further impacting their difficulty of sleeping.

“Whether they offer an online sleep program, encourage employees to use vacation days, or provide other tools, employers must address sleep issues in order to create a thriving workforce and business,” said Turgiss.

“Not only will employees be more rested, but they’ll feel more supported by their employers, helping them perform better and become better able to engage in work and in life.”

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