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3 things bosses can learn from employees

The delicate nature of any employer-employee relationship is made even more fragile considering how much rests on the rapport between the two.

Superiors are more commonly involved in strategic long-term thinking of the organisation’s growth, while employees leverage on that at a grassroot level, carrying out day-to-day tasks.

But the difference in responsibilities doesn’t grant permission for each party to work in alienation. Here are 3 things bosses can learn from the day-to-day tasks of employees:

1. Pragmatism

Skills like resourcefulness for when things don’t go to plan are commonly utilised by employees working on projects on a day-to-day basis. They are also more aware of current market trends, latest local business lingo and preferences and mindsets of clients.

While information on trends and research can be directly communicated to leaders via their subordinates, being able to think on the spot and achieve goals with limited resources is tough to learn without actively carrying out those tasks.

2. Teamwork

Employees working together in teams develop a sense of camaraderie and team spirit, which is difficult to come by with senior leaders meeting their equals much less frequently over the course of the year.

When working in teams, colleagues aren’t only flexible and adhere to different working styles, but keep channels of communication fluid and honest so everyone is on the same page.

Working harmoniously is integral especially in today’s interracial and dynamic work environments, and something leaders should definitely be inspired to learn from their employees.

3. Never give up

Unexpected delays and last minute withdrawals are perhaps the most frequent curses even the best employees struggle with.

Yet, determination to look for alternative means, to pick oneself up and keep going is a valuable trait a lot of employees develop in such situations. This determination is integral for leaders who have the burden and responsibility to keep their organisations running during difficult times.

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