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Want to be a better boss? Don’t take credit for your employees’ work

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An infographic by BambooHR finds the top 10 behaviours of bad bosses:

  1. Takes credit for staff’s work – 17% of respondents who said a boss had been the primary reason they had left a job quit because their boss took credit for their work
  2. Doesn’t appear to trust or empower you
  3. Doesn’t appear to care if you’re overworked
  4. Doesn’t appear to advocate for you when it comes to monetary compensation
  5. Hires and/or promotes the wrong people
  6. Doesn’t back you up when there’s a dispute between you and one of your company’s clients
  7. Doesn’t provide proper direction on assignments/roles
  8. Micromanages you and doesn’t allow you the ‘freedom to work’
  9. Focuses more on your weaknesses than your strengths
  10. Doesn’t set clear expectations

The survey of 1,029 US-based employed individuals over the age of 18 also found differences in views between genders:


Bad bosses have been the reason for more than two in five people leaving (44%), per the study. The top five characteristics of bad bosses that prompted employees to leave are:

  • Management style – 37%
  • Condescending attitude – 30%
  • Mean or bad temper – 30%
  • Inappropriate behaviour – 26%
  • Harassed employees – 24%

On the flipside, these were the traits that employees didn’t seem to mind as much as the others:


Graphics / BambooHR 

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