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I want $5k, but please also throw in…

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Fresh grads are now expecting a starting salary of up to $5,000, but why stop there?

I mean, if us Gen Ys are going to go around and demand what I think is an exorbitant amount of money for our first job, we might as well go all out. Let’s live up to our stereotyped characteristics and “go big or go home”.

These are a few more things I’d like on top of that $5,000:

Extremely flexible working hours
I think it would be best if I started work at 11am on Mondays, have two-hour lunches Tuesday through to Thursday, and have my Fridays end at 4.30pm. Also, could you not text or email me after working hours? Thanks.

I deserve my own office
I need my space, man. And, just so we’re clear, I’m not talking about any old office – I want that corner office, plus all the perks that come with it. Yes, I’m new, but isn’t it your job to make sure I get the support and development I need to fast track my career?

Meetings should be optional
The days of sitting in a room listening to someone else dictate my to-do list ended when I finished school. Being the highly confident and independent worker I am, it’s a waste of my precious time to sit through meetings… unless of course someone influential to my career progression is going to be there. In that case, please text me the meeting venue and time again.

An expense account wouldn’t hurt
This would be all the coffee meetings I’m going to have to arrange to build my network. After all, my personal development is very important to me. I also hope you didn’t expect me to pay for my own lunch every day?

Sound good? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Sabrina Zolkifi

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