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Randstad and WongPartnership workplace legislation guide

Randstad and WongPartnership launch guide for employment legislation

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Randstad and legal firm WongPartnership LLP have released a guide aimed at providing employers details about employment legislation.

Called the Randstad Singapore Workpocket 2015/16, it contains up-to-date information on labour market trends and guidance for employers on how to remain compliant with workplace reforms.

Michael Smith, Randstad’s country director for Singapore, pointed out constant regulation is taking place through tripartism, where unions, employers and the Government work in partnership to develop labour market policy frameworks.

“This comes at a time when Singapore‟s labour market will see one person over the age of 65 for every four working age people by 2020, compelling the Government to introduce policies to grow workforce participation rates among women and older workers,” he added.

“The Randstad Singapore Workpocket provides employers with advice on how they can access Government schemes that support flexibility, such as applying for funding from the Work-Life Grant under the WorkPro scheme.”

Jenny Tsin, co-head of the employment practice at WongPartnership, added: “We are pleased to collaborate with Randstad Singapore to develop this guide and share our extensive knowledge
on the country‟s employment law and legislation.”

This edition of the report highlighted the battle for talent in Singapore will remain fierce in the next 12 months.

Smith said: “Employers will need to continue to broaden their employment strategies to keep pace with the restructuring of traditional industries, rapid technological change, and growing productivity and capacity constraints.”

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