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With an open-plan concept and dedicated collaboration spaces, the group aims to create an environment that focuses on productivity and better collaboration between teams.

Embracing the hybrid work philosophy, Mondelēz International's revamped regional headquarters based in Singapore creates an environment that focuses on productivity and better collaboration between teams. 

With various features such as huddle booths, and even access to resources such as gym memberships, the office space was designed with the recognition that many colleagues and geographies have different needs and expectations for a new way of working. 

Laura Zaccaria, Talent Management Lead, AMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa), Mondelēz International shares with Arina Sofiah more about the organisation's various initiatives, such as its Flexible Working Pledge centered around the core principles and "The Right You” global wellbeing platform.

Q Walk us through the thought process when conceptualising this office space - what sparked the decision, and what was your vision for this new space?

In 2020, Mondelēz International announced our Flexible Working Pledge, centered around three core principles – we trust each other to work flexibly and productively, we show empathy encouraging belonging and connection, and we are mindful of making space and taking time. We’re championing this hybrid work philosophy, which drives our future-of-work vision, and are adapting our offices to enable this mindset and culture.

In conceptualising this workplace, we looked at creating spaces that facilitate meaningful interaction through huddle booths in various configurations. Our pantry area was redesigned to give our teams a hub to work, play, and connect at the same time – over a cup of coffee or a quick snack.

Our hybrid workplace approach ensures colleagues can work remotely and flexibly to allow a better balance of professional and personal lives, as appropriate.


Q I understand this space is to serve as a hub of innovation and collaboration – how are you making this a reality here? Importantly, how will this space facilitate better cross-border conversations and collaboration among employees in different markets?

With an open-plan concept and dedicated collaboration spaces, we aim to create an environment that focuses on productivity and better collaboration between teams. Refurbished meeting rooms fitted with video-conferencing capabilities help us to facilitate conversations and foster inclusivity, by allowing our cross-border colleagues to be "in the room" at the same time.


Similarly, we’re also investing in the development of our employees’ capabilities and shifting our ways of working to lead with an agile mindset – experimenting with new ideas, enabling a digital and flexible workplace to increase teamwork and productivity.

Q Overall, how do you hope this space would help with the company culture, trust, and empowerment?

People are at the heart of all we do. Mondelēz is committed to building a culture that promotes safety and prioritises the physical and mental wellbeing of all our colleagues.

We launched “The Right You” in 2021, a global wellbeing platform supported by a cross-functional team, with three interconnected pillars: Mind, Body, and Connection. Whether it’s through our Employee Assistance Programmes, providing mental wellness tools and resources, or even access to gym memberships, we are enabling and empowering our teams to thrive, both at work and at home.


Our new space and Flexible Working Pledge also reflect our intention to create a smart, simple, effective Workplace of the Future – centered around community and flexibility.

Q On a broader note - how does this office space convey what Mondelēz stands for as an employer & a brand?

We are focused on building our winning growth culture, which is a key pillar of our corporate strategy. This means enabling diversity & inclusion, embracing a growth mindset, and reinforcing agility, flexibility, and simplicity in ways of working – factors considered in the design of this workspace.

Q What advice would you give other companies that are planning on redesigning their office spaces to cater to the new way of work?

The role of a physical workplace is shifting for all sectors and when it comes to hybrid workplace solutions, one size does not fit all. Many colleagues and geographies have different needs and expectations for this new way of working – office space needs, personal situations, and different role requirements.


Use design thinking and always put your employees and culture at the heart. This will help the office space to reflect the culture and values of the company.

Q To end on a personal note - what is your favorite feature/spot in the office, and why?

That would have to be our pantry. I love that it’s a place for serendipitous encounters, meals, coffee chats, and a quick connect with colleagues. Of course, the cherry on top is that it’s loaded with everybody’s favourite snacks!

mondelez pantry

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