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Are these the manliest jobs ever?

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According to Hong Kongers, if you are a fire-fighter, you have the manliest job.

Lighter manufacturer Zippo tasked Hong Kong Baptist University to conduct an online survey from June to July this year on people’s thoughts on manliness. About 1000 people aged between 18 to 35 took part in the survey.

Muscular and brave fire-fighters topped the list of manly jobs, followed by pilots, doctors and lawyers.

Physical jobs like construction workers and butchers were, however, unpopular among the respondents.

 Top 5 manliest jobs

1. Fire fighter

2. Pilot

3. Doctor

4. Lawyer

5. Fitness instructor

The 5 least manly jobs

1. Florist

2. Hair-stylist

3. Construction worker

4. Butcher

5. Taxi or bus driver

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