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How-to: Disrupt leadership in three essential ways

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Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) recently hosted a session to discuss how technology, customer preferences, demographic shifts, and sharing economies are disrupting our ways of working as well as leadership.

Attended by Human Resources, the session saw the launch of a new whitepaper, Leadership, Disrupted: How to prepare yourself to lead in a disruptive world. From this, we’ve summarised the three key milestones in every CHRO’s leadership disruption journey, below.

1: Disrupt your role

CHROs must seek new roles to play and take on new responsibilities to ensure the agility and stability of your organisation. Rethinking your role can include:

  • A Chief Ecosystem Officer. The future CEO looks for and cultivates the broad network of collaborators and partners to stimulate a movement toward a better future.
  • A Chief Intelligence Officer. The future CIO gathers data, develops algorithms, and uses machine learning to increase the intelligence of the organisation and its partners.
  • A Chief Experience Officer. The future CXO creates engaging experiences across all channels in the value chain to strengthen the brand equity.

2: Disrupt your identity

Leaders are recommended to adopt the guises best suited to achieve the strategic objectives within your environment. While many possible identities exist, here are a few to consider:

  • Be a Consumer. Use the consumer experience to develop new, more meaningful ideas.
  • Be a Neuroscientist. Understand how decisions, impressions, and behaviours will be made in shaping innovation outcomes.
  • Be a Mad Scientist. Experiment in creative ways and take calculated risks to explore the “what if?”
  • Be a Networker. Maintain relationships with talent, experts, and consumers, and build internal and external communities to spark “crowd-accelerated” innovation.
  • Be a Politician. Engage a variety of stakeholders with insightful, transparent communications and/or relevant content while establishing positive relationships.

3: Disrupt your meaning

With the increasing emphasis on (and expectation of) providing benefit to society beyond products and services, purpose requires leaders to expand and deepen purpose with meaning for:

  • A Person. A user of products and services with meaning, who derives functional and emotional benefits from the experience.
  • The Organisation. Purpose that creates value, both tangible (e.g., financial) and intangible (e.g., brand).
  • Your Society. Those whom your organisation’s purpose directly or indirectly influences.

Leaders who are able to create a unifying vision across these three perspectives will have the resilience to fulfill their leadership mission, according to the whitepaper authors, Joseph Press and Thomas Goh.

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