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Finding a healthy way to manage the sick

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Is it a business-friendly idea to allow sick employees to stay home and self-medicate without producing a medical certificate?

Louisa Gregory, HR director for Pacnet South Asia, said her organisation relies on managers to decide based on their own discretion.

“If they do decide to request a medical certificate from an employee who is away on sick leave, the employee is responsible for ensuring they produce it. In practice, that means most employees ensure they get a medical certificate if they were sick enough to go to a doctor,” she told Human Resources.

StarHub’s head of HR, Chan Hoi San, said while there is no need for her employees to submit their medical certificates, they are expected to retain them for auditing purposes and submit a medical leave application via the company’s intranet.

“Staff may opt to work from home, but that would be subject to the nature of the job and approval from their supervisors,” Chan said.

She added StarHub is supportive of employees working from home when sick, because “we measure our employees by their contributions and the outcomes”.

Another company encouraging employees to work from home without necessarily producing a medical certificate is The Hoffman Agency.

“When we put our employees’ welfare above the organisation’s rule book, it creates a healthier and more flexible workplace environment,” Shawn Balakrishnan, Hoffman’s HR in charge, said.

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