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Are these the most disengaged employees ever?

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Don’t be surprised if you find soaring disengagement rates among Millennial middle-level managers working in the fast-moving consumer goods sector (FMCG) sector.

This is firstly because, according to a study by SACS Consulting in collaboration with Deakin University, the fast-moving consumer goods sector contain the most disengaged employees among all the industries surveyed.

The state government sector was found to be the second-most disengaged field, followed by those in “other services”.

The study found that there are many factors which make some industries more engaging than others.

“One important reason is that people with particular qualities and values are attracted to sectors that reflect those values,” the report stated.

It added that across industries, middle managers were also found to be more disengaged than those at the top or bottom of the organisation.

A lack in autonomy in their decision making was found to be the main cause for their disengagement.

“Middle managers are sadly the meat in the sandwich. They get neither the gratification of delivery at lower levels of the organisation, nor the satisfaction of seeing their strategies carried out at the top,” stated the report.

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Generation wise, however, Millennials were found to be the most disengaged employees. The study inferred that the age group might be able to afford not to take work seriously because they have less commitments.

At the same time, just starting out in their careers, they might not be certain about finding the work they enjoy.

“For many employees, climbing the career ladder over the years means a more senior role and more certainty around finding the work they enjoy. And this may be the reason older staff are more engaged at work than their younger counterparts.”

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