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16 well-paying jobs that don’t require a degree

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Numerous studies show those who earn a university degree typically enjoy a more financially rewarding career than those who don’t progress beyond high school, but the modern job market still has plenty of options for people who don’t wish to go to college.

In fact, careers in strong, fast-growing industries are available around the world for non-degree holders – some even earning you up to US$70,000 (S$87,661) annually.

This is according to a survey by CareerCast, which has listed a range of top-notch jobs which don’t require a university degree. They do, however, require specialised training.

“For job seekers who simply didn’t or couldn’t attend college, there are still many rewarding career opportunities available if they know where to look, including in fields such as health care, personal services and information technology,” Tony Lee, publisher at CareerCast said.  “To land one of these jobs, you’ll need to compensate with good, old fashioned hard work and some post-high school training.”

Other than the top jobs listed, self-employment is also a promising path for many, with the fastest-growing industries including automotive repair, personal grooming, hair styling and skincare specialists.

Here is CareerCast’s list of the best jobs which don’t need a degree, according to the median salary earned (in USD).

1. Dental Hygienist – $70,210
2. Registered Nurse – $65,470
3. Web Developer – $62,500
4. Respiratory Therapist – $55,870
5. Electrician – $49,840
6. Computer Service Technician – $48,900
7. Paralegal Assistant – $46,990
8. Appliance Repairer – $43,640
9. Carpenter – $39,940
10. Automobile Body Repairer – $37,680
11. Welder – $36,300
12. Administrative Assistant – $35,330
13. Bookkeeper – $35,170
14. Medical Records Technician – $34,160
15. Skincare Specialist – $28,640
16. Hair Stylist – $22,770                                 

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