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Winning Secrets: 4 pillars driving DKSH Thailand's employee experience strategy

Winning Secrets: 4 pillars driving DKSH Thailand's employee experience strategy

Belonging, care, trust, and value — these pillars are what define the organisation's culture, ingrained in every interaction and experience, showcasing its commitment to prioritising its people, the HR team says.

DKSH Thailand provides tailor-made services that encompass the entire market expansion services value chain. These services include sourcing, market analysis and research, marketing, sales, distribution, logistics, and after-sales support for a diverse range of products.

With more than 480 multinational and local companies through its four highly specialised Business Units, DKSH Thailand comprises of 29,040 employees across 36 markets. 

The company's accomplishments were recognised during the Employee Experience Awards 2024, Thailand, where DKSH Thailand earned the following awards: 

Overall win: Overall Engagement Award


  • Most Innovative and Sustainable Office Design 
  • Best Women Leadership Programme
  • Best Hybrid Work Model 
  • Best Capability Development Programme for the HR team  


  • Best In-House Recruitment Team 
  • Best HR Digital Transformation Strategy


  • Best Work-life Harmony Strategy 

Read on as the HR team at DKSH Thailand shares how the organisation's four pillars of employee experience strategy were what helped the organisation clinch its victory. 

Q. How would you describe the pillars of your employee experience strategy, and what are the principles you have taken into account to develop this? 

DKSH's purpose is centred around enriching people's lives. This commitment is embodied in Thailand through the creation of an employee experience that empowers individuals to unlock their full potential, achieve remarkable feats, and make meaningful contributions to society and their peers. 

Our Employee Experience strategy is based on four pillars: 

  • "I FEEL BELONG": We aim to create a sense of belonging among all our team members by fostering a connection and shared purpose. We value each individual and encourage them to express themselves freely, knowing that they are an essential part of a supportive community.  
  • "I FEEL CARE": At DKSH, we prioritise the overall well-being of our employees by offering unwavering support to help them achieve a harmonious balance between their work and life responsibilities. 
  • "I FEEL TRUST": Our leaders and colleagues work together to cultivate an environment of trust and respect, ensuring that every employee feels empowered and supported at every level of the organisation. 
  • "I FEEL VALUE": We provide equal opportunities for all our employees to learn, contribute, and advance their careers, creating a sense of value among all our team members.    

These pillars define our DKSH culture, ingrained in every interaction and experience, showcasing our commitment to prioritsing our people. 

Q. In a world propelled by rapid change, what measures do you have in place to maintain a people-centric, human approach to your EX as it evolves?

We maintain a people-centric approach by continuously evolving strategies while prioritising employee well-being and growth. Key measures include: 

1. Feedback loops: We maintain open channels of communication to gather insights from our employees regularly; employee voice surveys throughout the employee life cycle from hire to exit, 360 feedback, roundtable with leaders, pulse check, etc. This feedback loop allows us to understand evolving needs and tailor initiatives. 
2. Agile adaptation: We embrace agility in our approach, swiftly adjusting our Employee Experience initiatives to align with changing circumstances and emerging trends.  
3. Personalisation: Recognising that everyone is unique, we strive to personalise our Employee Experiences wherever possible through tailored development plans, flexible work arrangements, or personalised support to cater to individual needs and preferences. 
4. Emphasis on empathy: We foster a culture of empathy and understanding, where leaders and colleagues alike are encouraged to actively listen, empathise, and support one another through times of change and uncertainty.  
5. Continuous learning and development: We invest in the continuous learning and development of our employees, equipping them with the skills and resources needed to navigate change effectively.  

These principles guide our commitment to a people-centric approach in navigating the evolving modern landscape. 

Q. What initiatives do you undertake such that the delivery of employee experience is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders in the organisation? 

The employee experience is not just a component but a cornerstone of our market strategic priorities. Led by the business, in collaboration with other DKSH Thailand Country Management Team (CMT) members, it is owned and driven collectively. This strategic imperative underscores our commitment to fostering a workplace culture where every individual can thrive.

Through collaborative efforts, including cross-functional initiatives, transparent communication, and personalised support, we ensure that our people are not only valued but actively contribute to our organisational success.

This approach reflects our dedication to prioritising the wellbeing and growth of our workforce, aligning closely with our broader strategic objectives. 

Q. Do you have words of wisdom to share with others in the industry on the best ways to keep your employee experience consistent and beautiful?

Creating a consistent and beautiful employee experience requires a multifaceted approach grounded in empathy, authenticity, strong commitment, and collaboration. It begins with leaders who lead by example, demonstrating genuine care and understanding for their employees' needs and concerns. Authenticity is key; leaders must not only espouse values but also embody them in their actions, fostering trust and respect within the organisation. A strong commitment to "walking the talk" ensures that organisational initiatives align with stated values, reinforcing a culture of accountability and integrity.

Collaboration across teams and departments is essential, as it promotes inclusivity, innovation, and collective problem-solving. By embracing these principles and fostering a workplace culture rooted in empathy, authenticity, commitment, and collaboration, organisations can create an employee experience that is not only consistent but can truly enrich the lives of employees and driving organisational success. 

Q. Finally, what is the positive impact of employee experience that you’ve seen on the business as well as the workforce? 

The positive impact of a great employee experience is like a ripple effect, touching both the heart of the workforce and the bottom line of the business. When employees feel genuinely valued and supported, they bring their best selves to work every day. They're more engaged, motivated, and passionate about what they do, which naturally translates into better performance and productivity.

Beyond just numbers, it's about the human connection. Happy employees tend to stick around longer, forming a tight-knit community that feels like family. This not only boosts morale but also saves on recruitment and training costs.

And when it comes to customer interactions, the warmth, and dedication that stem from a positive employee experience shine through. Satisfied employees naturally deliver exceptional service, fostering loyalty and trust among customers, which in turn boosts the brand's reputation. 

In essence, investing in employee experience isn't just about boosting the business; it's about fostering a culture of care and connection that uplifts both the workforce and the organisation as a whole. 

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Lead image: DKSH Thailand 

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