Communication is considered a key skill in today?s workplace, yet it appears to be one of the most elusive. Any function that needs a form of human interaction requires communication, more so for people managers, human resources and services professionals. Even if you work all day tightening screws in a factory, you will still need to communicate with someone ? if not verbally, then probably through notes, memos, emails, SMS, sign language or even Morse code.

In the same vein, it is increasingly recognised that employees represent a potentially powerful source of competitive advantage, both internally and externally, for helping build authentic brand experiences. To ensure employees are aligned with the positioning of the organisation, there is a need to cultivate and nurture their communication skills.

As such, at the?HR Vendors of the Year 2019,?Singapore,?the Best Employee Communications Training Provider category honours training providers that groom employees to be top-notch communicators who are coherent, clear and consistent in their delivery, especially to external stakeholders.

Best Employee Communications Training Providers ? Singapore

Winners: Gold:?Red Shoe Communications Silver:?HighSpark Bronze:?Charisma Academy

Finalists: Aventis Learning Group

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