Health and wellness is fast becoming a priority for organisations worldwide - a priority which JP Morgan actively attends to in its JP Morgan Corporate Challenge . Human Resources caught up with some of the key people involved in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge to find out more.

One of the key people we spoke to was the company captain of the JP Morgan's company team, Mike Nock. Mike cycles down East Coast Park to work daily and took up the role of company captain in order to encourage running among staff.

Believing that "it’s easy to simply take the organisational elements for granted," Nock said it is important for staff to build exercise into their daily routines.

He also finds creating small social teams and organising regular training events helpful. and also encourages organisations to subsidise entry to local events for company teams.

At the event, American Express' manager of compensation and benefits Southeast Asia, Dushyant Ajwani, said his company too has a similar health and wellness programme called Healthy Living.

"Healthy Living is designed to not only promote more active lifestyles, but also to help employees manage other health risks such as stress," Ajwani said.

The programme's success is measured by participation rates and direct feedback from employees. The company's leaders also have a strong commitment on employee health and wellness.

"Over the years, we've seen leaders at all levels playing an active role in promoting healthy living and their advocacy plays a key role in the success of the programme," Ajwani added.

Similarly, Suiniaty Basirun, country manager from The Dow Chemical Company believes in leading by example and is actively involved in various activities with her colleagues.

"If you are not a discipline person and tend to find excuses not to do any simple sport activity, do broadcast to your colleagues, friends, and family so they serve to pressurize you positively to ensure you stick to your commitment."

Her company also actively introduces sports-related activities to their employees based on their feedback and interest.

Hwa Choo Lim, Cisco's head of HR for ASEAN also believes in open communication with employees and giving them the flexibility to do something they want through Cisco's Employee Interest Groups such as the Cisco Cycling Club.

She feels that "because these events are driven by employees for employees, they (employees) are all motivated in pushing their passion and the great turnouts in most events speak volume by itself."

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