As one of the most popular social media networking sites, Facebook believes that a connected world is a better world.

Understanding that building an open and connected world starts with having an open and connected company, Facebook made connection a priority when designing its new Singapore HQ.

"We believe that a connected world is a better world, and achieving this mission is at the core of everything we do. We understand we can’t build an open and connected world unless we build an open and connected company, and if you look at our office it has been designed with connection in mind," said Eriko Talley, head of human resources APAC at Facebook.

Facebook Beer Garden 1

Occupying four floors of the South Beach Tower, each of the floors consists of open spaces and breakout areas to encourage conversation and collaboration among its employees.

Being a global company, large screens can be seen in each of the office's meeting rooms allowing employees based locally to connect with their counterparts in other parts of the world as if they were in the same room.

"We also have artwork by well known artists that embody a connection theme.

"At Facebook, we are guided by our core values, and working in an environment that allows us to be open, be bold and to move fast reminds us each and every day what we are here to achieve," Talley added.

Facebook Micro Kitchen 2

The company has a rather unique approach to the office environment. Instead of keeping possible distractions such as food and bean bags hidden from employees, these things are kept in plain sight.

"Our approach to the office environment and work culture is focused on making people’s lives as easy as possible so they can focus on the work they love to do. From well stocked micro kitchens to comfortable collaborative work spaces we support productivity by encouraging a conducive work environment."

Facebook Games Corner

Other than helping employees focus on their work by making employee's lives easy, the cozy corners, bean bags and sofa seats scattered throughout the office helps contribute to an environment which encourages closer collaboration and discussions.

"Common open spaces like our café encourages people to mingle and interact which they would otherwise not have an opportunity to during work hours," Talley commented.

The office's open floor plan helps build on Facebook's open and transparent culture by allowing employees to see what others are working on.

Facebook Anti-gravity Instagram booth 3

After having a look at the office, one might wonder why a company that is worth billions of dollars still has piping visible on the ceiling, concrete floors and uses crates as seats.

"The company just turned 11. We believe we are only just at the beginning of our journey.  That’s why our office space has an industrial feel with piping visible on the ceiling and concrete floors – it signifies our journey is only 1% done," Talley explained.

Facebook Reception

A piece of advice Talley has for companies looking to redesign their offices is: "Each company is different; it comes down to creating an environment where their core ideals can come to life."

In Facebook's case, collaboration is key, hence the company constantly strives to improve and evolve its offices to support an environment for people to share thoughts and concepts to give life to the best ideas.

"Our product is a core part of the way we work everyday, which helps us really know and understand one another. We’re applying the same level of innovation that we use to create products to build a culture and a company that can redefine the way work gets done."

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