Organised by Human Resources, Workforce Mobility Interactive is back for the fourth year with the latest in talent mobility and expatriation trends in HR. This exclusive invite-only interactive event was specially curated for top HR leaders and mobility specialists to engage each other with strategies on staff mobility programmes.

Produced by Heather Ang and held at Aloft KL Sentral on 6 February, the conference was attended by more than 80 delegates, speakers and sponsors. Apart from our host of expert speakers, what makes the conference unique is its interactive format. Through these interactive sessions, delegates were able to explore four key themes in employee mobility together with the insights shared by expert table hosts. 

With that, the event started on a high note with first speaker Michelle-Ann Iking, head of talent, learning and performance management for Citi Malaysia.

Her presentation saw her sharing expert opinions on nurturing and optimising your global workforce by aligning mobility with talent management objectives. On what talent designations really meant, she said: “High potentials has the capacity to not only take on more complex roles, but could also jump into a completely different field and still succeed.”

As for promotable, she explained: “Could move to more senior positions but may not have the same versatility as a high potential.”

WMI MY Michelle

Following that, was the first of four interactive sessions. With four topics to be discussed in parallel on both sides of the room, the table hosts who facilitated the conversations were: 

Compliance and Risk Navigation

  • Evon New, regional global mobility lead, APAC, Pfizer
  • Sharifah Khalisha, immigration manager, Santa Fe Relocation

Reviewing the expat package

  • Peter Ling, executive director, group human resources, Tropicana Corporation
  • Lee Quane, regional director, ECA International

Getting your returns on relocation 

  • Wytinne Cheng, regional HR director, Southeast Asia and Pacific, Jotun
  • Fathima Mohamed Zakaria, mobility manager, BASF Asia Pacific Service Centre

Technology for mobility

  • Akshita Manivannan, territory lead, digital HCM, Oracle
  • Francois-Xavier Groleau, regional sales manager, SEA, Crown World Mobility

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After a quick break, Ella Yu, financial services practice manager at Crown World Mobility greeted delegates with a fresh perspective on saving without sacrificing. Sharing her sustainable solution to optimise mobility programme costs, she said: “Always use an expense management system. Without it, it’ll be hard to recover the VAT back.”

“Meanwhile, choosing the right billing model can save you a lot of money,” she added.

WMI MY Ella Following the next interactive session and lunch after, delegates dived right in to an engaging panel discussion.  Moderated by Claudia Cadena, founder and principal consultant of Thread Advisory; the panellists were Ahmad Laila Bin Set, senior regional manager, HRM division, upstream business, PETRONAS; Chella Pandian, HR director, sub region, global talent development lead for Merck Women Network, MSD Malaysia; and Michelle-Ann Iking, head – talent, learning and performance management, Citi Malaysia.

In the discussion, these HR leaders shared practices and solutions on picking the best person for the right job from their leading companies.

Check out photos from the conference here.

After the following two interactive sessions, the chatter continued as we picked the brains of  Farah Delah Suhaimi, manager, industry partnership and engagement, Talent Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp). Giving industry perspectives on enhancing growth and managing talent market challenges through collaborative talent mobility practices, she elaborated further on such initiatives that TalentCorp has. Speaking on one of them, KNOWMADS, she said: “Yes, we need some professional Malaysians overseas, and they’re not ready to come back. However, they’d like to contribute from where they are. How can they do this?”

DSC05396 The conference then ended with a rapid-fire session, where we invited our table hosts to sum up their key takeaways from the interactive sessions.

Those sessions then bring us to the end of Workforce Mobility Interactive 2018, Malaysia. As curtains close on this year's edition of Workforce Mobility Interactive, Human Resources would like to thank all sponsors and partners that contributed to its success:

Gold sponsors

  • Crown World Mobility
  • Santa Fe Relocation

Silver sponsors

  • ECA International
  • Oracle


  • AGS
  • The Corporate Lab

Check out photos from the conference here.