Malaysia's Human Resources Minister has said he is looking to bring up the topic of paternity leave for the private sector in an upcoming cabinet session.

As reported in Bernama, Minister Kulasegaran referred to the possible implementation of a seven-day paternity for this sector, saying: "More than three days, this is a consideration. I will be putting forward to the cabinet for the necessary action. We are very firm that this is in the right direction; it should be moved and get approved as soon as possible."

He called this a "baby step for changes in the future", stating that paternity leave had not previously been a topic of concern in the private sector since Malaysia achieved independence.

The ministry has discussed this with stakeholders in the sector, and hopes that the proposal can be taken to the cabinet by December this year. Further, when asked if this seven-day paternity leave would be compulsory, Minister Kulasegaran affirmed that it will be.

Photo / 123RF