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May the radiance from the festival of lights bring you joy, success, good health and happiness for the year ahead. Happy Deepavali to you and your loved ones, from the Human Resources Online team!

As many of you take the time to celebrate this special festival, we've put together a list of articles that you might enjoy about the beauty of diversity in the workplace. We hope you enjoy the reads below:

1. Get ready to step up: Why HR executives should prepare for corporate board roles Whether mid-career or moving towards retirement, anyone in HR should look ahead to what could be a very satisfying next chapter working on a board, affirms Jenny Dearborn. [Read more]

2. How Coway’s ‘Lady in Blue’ programme benefits mothers Kyle Choi, MD, Coway Malaysia, shares how the company’s CODY initiative helps empower women by better enabling them to balance their time between their jobs and families. [Read more]

3. How to help employees with cancer navigate the workplace If you’ve got someone on your team or in your office who is battling cancer, we encourage you to ponder over these ideas by experts from Texas Oncology on how HR leaders can do their part. [Read more]

4. The biggest obstacles mums face in re-entering the workforce A new study has found that the biggest obstacles that mothers re-entering the workforce face are, in fact, the following: age, technological and skills gaps, and lack of confidence. [Read more]

5. Snapshot: TLBG’s Merle Chen on the must-dos to get diversity & inclusion right Aiming for compositional diversity is only the first step, affirms Merle Chen, Chief Talent Officer, The Lo & Behold Group (TLBG), in an interview with Aditi Sharma Kalra. [Read more]

6. Ranking: The top 25 most diverse and inclusive organisations in the world The pharmaceutical industry led the pack this year, with a total of 13 firms making the list, followed by banking, investment services and insurance with 11. [Read more]

7. How Thailand and Indonesia rank for women in fintech Out of the 12 countries studied, Australia ranked first, followed by Singapore in second place. Malaysia came in fourth, while Thailand and Indonesia ranked seventh and eighth respectively. [Read more]

8. Efforts in Singapore to help companies be more inclusive to those with autism Currently, the efforts are underway to help companies hire individuals with autism, such as up to 16% wage subsidy, through the Special Employment Credit, to employers who hire PwDs. [Read more]

9. Be kind, play nice, say ‘thank you’: Why an ‘office mom’ makes for a happier workplace How does Denmark, the happiest country in the world continually rank in the top for job satisfaction? Daniel Baun, HR and Recruitment Manager, Trendhim, blames it all on mom. [Read more]

10. Are you doing enough to prepare for the workforce of the future? Preparing for the diverse workforce of the future can be done in two ways – providing flexible working arrangements and soft skills training. Yet, the presence of these programmes is still low. [Read more]

May every lamp lit on this festive occasion give you a new reason to celebrate! Enjoy the stories, and as always, feel free to share your thoughts with us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook. Happy Diwali!