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Four ways to show your company values upward mobility

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Career development opportunities have been listed as the third most important factor for Hongkongers considering new jobs, after salary, compensation and benefits, and work-life balance.

To increase competitiveness and your competency, Glassdoor shares four pieces of advice on how to show that your company values upward mobility.

HR practitioners should look at what an employee’s next step is and motivate them to think beyond their current role. Guidance and trust are pivotal to an employer’s branding and employees’ growth.

While many companies have already initiated a mentorship programme, human resources practitioners can step up their game by using their top talent to mentor up-and-coming staff and giving the staff leverage to do things that might not be their core competencies to challenge them.

Exposure to leadership equates to exposure to the big-picture goals of an organisation, which helps employees understand the company objectives, as well as where they can fit and how they might make a difference moving forward.

Encourage employees to give feedback and participate in the broader organisation, as employees can learn from different departments. Inspire them to point out problems as well as coming up with solutions.

An organisation with open communication that encourages feedback will help employees understand their core competencies so they can hone their skills and grow in their role.

The mindset of learning and development needs to permeate an entire organisation, from top to bottom. Always reward employees who work hard and are open to learning.

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