Have you ever found yourself faking excitement when you received a gift? Particularly when it's something you knew you wouldn't like or use but you didn't want to hurt the giver's feelings?

Well, if that was the case, a majority of American workers surveyed by Snappy have been in the same boat as you. In fact, of the 1,042 who were surveyed recently, 84% revealed they had received a gift they didn't want, with nearly 90% having faked a positive reaction to a gift they disliked.

In line with that, if you are one who gives out gifts frequently (or even if you aren't) and are cracking your head on gift ideas for your employees this holiday season, here are some tips to help you out:

Even if you aren't into giving out presents, do take the time to give your staff something small as a token of appreciation. 

While words of encouragement and recognition go a long way in motivating employees, four in five (80%) of employees still believe receiving a holiday gift from their boss or employer who make them feel more appreciated and motivated, especially during the holiday season.

That said, generic gifts such as pins, plagues, or gift cards to stores that the employee has never been to, with little or no significant, are seen as negative, the respondents revealed. In fact, more than three in four (79%) view a gift card as less meaningful than a gift.

What gifts would be better then? 

Based on the survey, about one-third (34%) of staff are interested in receiving a tech gadget this year, versus apparels or food/drinks.

Further, employees have also shown appreciation for non cookie-cutter gifts (i.e. branded bottles or pens), and would thus prefer something out of the ordinary - get creative!

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