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Would you give your coworkers these strange holiday gifts?

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With just 10 days left till Christmas, many of us are likely to be scrambling to get something for coworkers for the “Secret Santa” gift exchange event that’s likely to be a part of the office holiday party.

While searching for these last minute gifts, it’s important to remember that what constitutes as a nice gift can be quite subjective, and to be on the safe side, it’s best to avoid these unusual gifts uncovered by CareerBuilder’s annual holiday survey.

Compiling responses from 3,300 employees and ,379 hiring managers and HR professionals across industries and company sizes, the survey conducted online by Harris Poll revealed the gifts that strayed away from the regular ornaments and gift cards and have crossed “the line”. These include:

  • Two left-handed gloves
  • Coconut bra
  • Jar of gravy
  • A fake lottery ticket
  • A real stuffed duck
  • Toilet paper that looked like money
  • Post-it Notes
  • Dish detergent
  • A pen holder that looks like a crime scene victim
  • A comic book of an obscure movie
  • A handmade ornament for a sports team the recipient had never heard of
  • A singing chicken
  • A whip

To gift or not to gift? That is the question
48.5% have to pay for their own Christmas parties this year

Similar to last year, the survey revealed that 22% of workers planned to buy holiday gifts for coworkers, and 21% planned to buy a gift for the boss.

Digging deeper, it found that of those intending to buy gifts for their coworkers or boss, 73% expect to spend no more than $25 on each gift, 33% will cap their spending at $10 and 11% will spend $5 or less.

Where employers are concerned, 46% of them planned to give their employees gifts this year. At the same time, these employers are finding other ways to get into the holiday spirit.

Almost seven in 10 employers (69%) planned on throwing a holiday party for employees this year. While another 54% planned to give employees holiday bonuses, with 15% say the bonus will be greater than last year.

Additionally, nearly half of all employers (48%) planned to enrich the lives of others outside of the office by making charitable donations.

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