Join Priya Veeriah and Talent Management Asia speaker Annie Lim, Global Lead, Diversity and Inclusion at Sanofi for a candid discussion on the five facts we all tend to overlook about D&I, her personal motto and more in this Faces of HR series.

"Diversity is inviting someone to the party; inclusion is actually inviting them to dance," said diversity and inclusion (D&I) expert, Verna Myers.

What holds HR back from inviting others to dance? Annie Lim shares her responses below:

Q. What are the 5 commonly overlooked facts about D&I?

Fact #1: D&I is not about gender balance only.

Fact #2: D&I is not just a women issue. It recognises diversity at all levels.

Fact #3: D&I is not just about differences, it is the power of harnessing the differences for inclusion to thrive.

Fact #4: D&I cannot be a standalone initiative; it must be a truly global enterprise.

Fact #5: D&I is not just a fad or a HR process, it is business imperative and building a transformational culture.

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Q. What is your motto when it comes to D&I?

“To shape the organisational culture and lead with respect and inclusion.”
Annie Lim's session at #TalentManagementAsia will address the aforementioned facts as she will show how with deliberate intent, organisations can build an inclusive culture where all belong and have a fulfilling career.

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