The issue of talent shortage continues to prevail in Singapore, particularly for technology and sales roles, job search site Indeed's latest data analysis has revealed.

According to the analysis done between January and May this year, roles such as software engineering, sales executives, and business development have seen fewer skilled candidates satisfying employer demand.

When ranked from greatest to least shortage, the findings were as follows:

#1 Software engineer #2 Sales executive #3 Business development manager #4 Software architect #5 Account manager #6 Full stack developer #7 Data Scientist #8 Marketing executive #9 System engineer #10 Sales engineer

This comes about despite a decline in the mismatch between talent and job posting demands over the past four years, from 44% in January 2015 to 36% in May 2019. Based on the analysis, this is "indicative of Singapore’s strong economy in which both employers and job seekers have adjusted to the evolving jobs landscape."

Greatest shortage of job opportunities: Teacher, Supervisor, and more

Apart from the above, the analysis further revealed that job roles which required lower educational requirements currently face fewer available employment opportunities and an oversupply of candidates applying for the roles.

These roles were ranked from having the greatest shortage of job opportunities, to the least:

#1 Customer service representative #2 Driver #3 Teacher #4 Supervisor #5 Server #6. Administrative assistant #7 Tutor #8 Service crew #9 Assistant manager #10 Sales assistant

Commenting on this, Callam Pickering, an economist at Indeed, said: "Mismatch in Singapore, has gradually declined over the past four years.

"Today around 36% of job seekers would need different job titles on their resumes in order to have the same distribution as job postings."