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Winning Secrets: Luxoft Singapore's structured hiring process aligns with its inclusive company culture

Winning Secrets: Luxoft Singapore's structured hiring process aligns with its inclusive company culture

This is also made possible by staying updated on the latest technology requirements, says Lamia Haque, Recruitment Group Manager, Luxoft Singapore.

Luxoft empowers business leaders with enhanced analytics and software engineering capabilities that stabilise enterprises and help them thrive in shifting and complex markets. 

At the 11th annual edition of HR Excellence Awards - Singapore in 2023, Luxoft Singapore won the bronze award for 'Excellence in Talent Acquisition'.

To celebrate this milestone, we catch up with Lamia Haque, Recruitment Group Manager, Luxoft Singapore, on how the company fosters a family-like atmosphere where everyone's voice is valued and respected throughout the interview process. 

Q Congratulations on your top performance at the HR Excellence Awards! How has your talent acquisition strategy contributed to your success this year?

We prioritise a deep understanding of our clients' projects to anticipate our hiring needs. Our talent acquisition team plays a crucial role in swiftly and precisely sourcing the right talent by collaborating with various internal teams, staying updated on the latest technology requirements and maintaining a structured hiring process that aligns with our inclusive company culture.

As a global MNC, we take pride in fostering a family-like atmosphere where everyone's voice is valued and respected throughout the interview process.

Q Looking back at your achievements, what aspect of your initiatives are you most proud of and why?

Luxoft excels in its dedication to employees and its role as an industry leader and our commitment is evident through various initiatives.

'Built by Luxofters' is a source of pride, encouraging employees to share their unique perspectives, thereby reflecting our company culture and values. We cultivate a positive work environment by nurturing self-built communities and fostering a sense of belonging.

In our pursuit of industry leadership, we actively engage with potential talent through insightful talks and career fairs and showcase our thought leadership through industry insights in blogs and PR channels. We're not just recognised; we actively seek awards and certifications.

We also prioritise employee wellbeing, social connections and environmental concerns. Virtual games, team-building, activities and company-sponsored events create a tight-knit community.

Employee engagement surveys and participation in environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives underscore our dedication to Luxofters and broader social and environmental causes.

Q During your talent acquisition journey, what were some significant obstacles you faced, and how did you overcome them to achieve excellence?

Given the ongoing layoffs in the tech industry and the limited pool of specialised tech talent in Singapore, it's imperative that we enhance our brand awareness and engagement to attract the ideal talent and retain our current employees.

We've made informed decisions by leveraging market reports on job outlook and employee motivations, which have guided us in identifying the right actions to take.

Implementing the right strategies and initiatives has bolstered our efforts in building awareness, talent acquisition, retention and ultimately establishing ourselves as an employer of choice.

Q How does your organisation measure the success and impact of your initiatives?

We measure success in talent acquisition by monitoring web traffic, analysing job applications (from both external and referral sources) and continually refining our hiring process.

Additionally, our engagement surveys provide valuable insights into employee sentiment and areas for improvement. The recent survey results show that over 90% of our employees feel satisfied at work, and over 70% report receiving great support from their manager.

These findings are a significant part of our journey to becoming an employer of choice.

Q Considering the emerging trends, what is your organisation’s focus?

A key aspect of our people management and talent acquisition strategy lies in our commitment to continuity and adaptability. Our teams continuously explore innovative ways to support business growth in an ever-changing environment.

Talent acquisition is an integral part of our organisation, consistently adapting to market shifts and challenges. Furthermore, the team is committed to providing our employees with ongoing career development opportunities, aligning the business with market trends and effectively addressing the unique challenges brought about by the pandemic and remote work.

Through it all, our organisation’s focus remains the same: Our people. They remain the cornerstone of our business.

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