Winning Secrets: Carlsberg Malaysia turns inclusivity from theory into a tangible reality

Winning Secrets: Carlsberg Malaysia turns inclusivity from theory into a tangible reality

Pauline Lim, HR Director, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia shares steps taken to ensure all its employees feel included, heard, and above all, welcomed to be their authentic selves at work.

Carlsberg Malaysia believes in fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive in their work. 

Against three key areas of focus, the organisation's efforts aim to ensure that every one of its employees feel included, heard, and above all, welcomed to be their authentic selves at work. These include continuously prioritising the safety and wellbeing of employees, proactively seeking feedback through surveys, and even conducting regular workshops and DE&I-focused learning sessions, Pauline Lim, Human Resource Director, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia, tells us.

In turn, Carlsberg Malaysia managed to walk away with a multitude of wins at the Employee Experience Awards 2023 Malaysia:

  • Gold for Best Soft Skills Training Programme
  • Gold for Best Skilling Strategy
  • Silver for Best Capability Development Programme for the HR Team
  • Silver for Best First-Time Manager Programme
  • Silver for Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • Silver for Best Post-Pandemic Recovery Strategy
  • Bronze for Best Remote Learning Initiative
  • Overall Learning Award

Read on as Pauline Lim shares how these wins were made possible.

Q How do you ensure your employee experience initiatives are aligned with your business objectives?

Carlsberg Malaysia’s purpose of ‘Brewing for a Better Today and Tomorrow’ lies in the heart of everything we do. Guided by our SAIL’27 Strategy, we continue to live our purpose through our strategic priorities aimed at making Carlsberg Malaysia the market leader by focusing on three key areas: business, people, and community.

With our focus on purpose & performance driven people, we are committed to our Leading with Care initiatives, and we continuously prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our employees. Moreover, we proactively seek feedback from our employees through surveys and discussions to ensure relevance of their experiences.

"Our leaders cultivate a performance-based culture that ensures current success as well as nurturing of the future by fostering inclusivity in the workplace and cultivating a strong pool of future leaders."

Q Can you provide examples of how the organisation has invested in the employee experience?

At Carlsberg Malaysia, we firmly believe in fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive in their work. This commitment is evident in our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives branded ‘Welcome YOU’, which aim to ensure that every one of our employees feel included, heard, and above all, welcomed to be their authentic selves at work.

In championing DE&I throughout our workforce, we conduct regular workshops and DE&I-focused learning sessions, such as unconscious bias and inclusive leadership workshops, conducting DE&I focus groups, and celebrating major cultural festivals, among others. We celebrated 2023 International Women's Day with pride and engaged with communities in need (such as single parent community) through meaningful partnerships, working towards fostering a more equitable society. Moreover, in our commitment to promote and advocate for inclusivity within our organisation, we have persisted in implementing flexible work arrangements that accommodate individuals with diverse requirements at different phases of life, extending even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we have introduced flexible benefits tailored to different lifestyles and the requirements of our entire workforce.

On top of all these efforts, we also continuously strive to enhance accessibility within our workplace to ensure that all essential facilities are in place for expectant mothers and individuals with special needs.

These initiatives vividly demonstrate our dedication to turning inclusivity into a tangible reality, rather than just theoretical, thereby enhancing our company's workforce and organisational culture. WELCOME YOU VIDEO.

Q Do you have processes to measure the effectiveness of your EX initiatives, and what metrics do you use to evaluate success?

We have well-established processes in place to measure the effectiveness of our employee experience initiatives. The employee engagement survey (My Voice) plays a pivotal role in gathering anonymous employee feedback on various aspects of their experience, including satisfaction and engagement levels. We also actively seek qualitative feedback through focus groups, town hall meetings, and one-on-one discussions to gain deeper insights into employee sentiments. By comprehending our employees’ perspective through exit interviews and continuous dialogues, we are able to assess the impact of our initiatives on employee retention and job satisfaction. Benchmarking initiatives align with our objectives and remain competitive within the industry.

Q Finally, what role do leaders and managers play in driving a beautiful employee experience, and how are they held accountable for the success of these initiatives?

What sets our people leaders apart is their commitment to leading with purpose, bringing Carlsberg Malaysia’s purpose of “Brewing for a Better Today and Tomorrow” to life authentically and through personal example and thereby, creating positive impacts to all those whom they lead and worked with. Our “Leading with Care” initiatives such as regular employees’ well-being programmes, continuous conversations and dialouges, practical DE&I awareness campaigns and celebrations, Carlsberg Leadership Development Suite, and more, serves as a clear testament of our commitment. By actively engaging with our PEOPLE in purpose and performance-driven initiatives, encouraging ideas and feedback, and promoting awareness to foster a culture of inclusion, we exemplify our dedication.

"At Carlsberg Malaysia, our leaders drive a performance-based culture where we deliver today, whilst ensuring a sustainable tomorrow by cultivating an inclusive work environment and nurturing a robust talent pipeline of future leaders."

Leaders and managers are the foundational pillars to a successful employee experience. They serve as the key enablers, shaping the cultural tone and work environment for their teams. By leading by example, empowering employees, and facilitating effective communication, they prioritise employee well-being and professional development. Their commitment to addressing concerns and fostering inclusivity further amplifies their influence on the employee experience. To ensure accountability, leaders and managers undergo performance assessments that evaluate their ability to cultivate a positive work environment and enhance employee engagement. Employee feedback and engagement surveys provide invaluable insights and perspectives on their effectiveness.

Additionally, we invest in leadership development programmes to equip leaders with essential skills to foster a positive employee experience. Through continuous improvement efforts and active involvement, leaders and managers significantly contribute to nurturing a motivated and engaged workforce and ultimately leading to overall success.

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