With the end of the Circuit Breaker in sight, vacation-deprived Singaporeans are turning to stacations to quench their thirst for a getaway. 

According to accommodation searches conducted on Expedia.com.sg in the month of April 2020, Singaporeans have begun the quest for their next holiday, with staycations being their preferred choice for a getaway from June through to December this year.

With the resumption of international travel being some time away, Singaporeans are looking to go on staycations in lieu of overseas travel starting from next month when the circuit breaker measures begin to ease. 

Expedia's data on standalone hotel searches in April for check-in stays between June to July this year revealed that four in 10 accommodation searches were for staycations.

Lavinia Rajaram, APAC Head of Communications, Expedia, said: "As Singapore begins to ease its circuit breaker measures from 2 June, we are encouraged to see a renewed interest in staycations among Singaporeans. The uptick in searches for Singapore hotels is a promising sign that the travel industry and local travel operators need. Our mission at Expedia has always been to help people go places. While we continue to look forward to the rejuvenation of the travel industry, we are also working closely with the authorities and our partners to facilitate the next phase of recovery in time to come."

Asian destinations top the wishlist for year-end travels

In anticipation of the gradual reopening of international borders in time to come, Singaporeans have also shown renewed interest in overseas travel. Data from Expedia showed that Singaporeans have been searching for overseas travel options, with a particular interest in Asian destinations such as Tokyo, Taipei and Bangkok for their year-end travels. 

Analysing search data on international travel destinations for the year-end, during the period of October to December 2020, Expedia found that Asian destinations such as Tokyo, Taipei, Bangkok, Seoul and the Maldives were among the most-searched travel spots by Singaporeans.

Renewed optimism for travel to resume normalcy in 2021

Come 2021, Singaporeans seem to display renewed optimism for travel to resume normalcy. Data on Expedia.com.sg showed that searches for travel to any one destination surpassed searches for local staycations for check-in dates of between January to February 2021.

In addition, Tokyo cemented its place as the top international destination searched by Singaporeans during this period. In true Singaporean style, this highlights that it is never too early to start planning for a new overseas adventure.

Due to the unpredictability of the situation, Expedia is encouraging customers to take a more flexible approach when planning for travel. This includes choosing refundable bookings or opt for those with free cancellation policies, in the event that plans change between their booking and travel period.

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